Thursday, 8 March 2019

Ceramic production of Taihu Kiln

  • From Saturday, 07 December 2019 14:00:00 to Saturday, 07 December 2019 16:00:00
  • Taihu Kiln (International) Ceramic Art Center

Event Details

Next Saturday (Dec 7) 14:00-16:00, the "Restoration" ICH Experiential Studio will organize a Taihu Kiln Ceramics production experience activity. Activities include visiting Taihu Kiln (International) Ceramic Art Center and experiencing the production of Taihu Kiln Ceramics.

Taihu kiln is an intangible cultural heritage project in Gusu District. Taihu Kiln uses Taihu Chengni as raw material, with kaolin, fruit tree branches from Dongshan Town and Jinting Town for firing at a high temperature of more than 1300 degrees. After a series of steps such as glazing, the ceramics made are stable and durable.

In this activity, we will invite Professor Leng Yunling, the founder of Taihu kiln brand, to make the ceramic method of Pannitiao (build a ceramic utensil out of mud sticks). Pannitiao is an ancient and basic ceramic molding method. The thick or thin mud sticks have great flexibility in the modeling performance, and the modeling is also rich in variety, which can be made into vases, cups, pen holders, etc., especially suitable for participants in the first experience. If you are interested in it, please come to sign up!

“Restoration” ICH Experiential Studio - Ceramic production of Taihu Kiln

Time:Dec 7, 2019  14:00-16:00

Location:Taihu Kiln (International) Ceramic Art Center

North Gate, #3 Building, No. 89, Taohuawu Street, Gusu District, Suzhou (Take Metro Line 4 to Beisita station, exit 5, walk about 500 meters).




1. Visit Taihu Kiln (International) Ceramic Art Center

2. A self-made ceramic work of Taihu kiln

(Note: the ceramic works completed by the participants on the same day need to be fired and glazed for more than 20 days, you will be notified after completion)


10 people(Chinese & foreigners)


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