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Shazhou Whistle Kite

  • From Saturday, 11 April 2020 14:00:00 to Saturday, 11 April 2020 16:00:00
  • iSuzhou Coffee Shop of Humble Administrator's Garden

Event Details

Restoration Intangible Cultural Heritage Experiential Studio will launch a new activity to bring you close to the craft of Shazhou Whistle Kite on April 11, 2020.

Shazhou Whistle Kite originates in the low-lying shores of Yangtze River and boasts a long history. It's very popular in Leyu Town of Zhangjiagang City. Large in size and heavy in weight, the diameter of a Shazhou Whistle Kite can be up to 2 - 3 meters. The kites are usually painted with beautiful patterns that indicate happiness, fortune and longevity. There are whistles of all sizes, shapes and music scales arranged on the kite, which will make a deep, rich sound as the kite fly in the sky.

Due to its big size, it usually takes the cooperation of a whole family to fly the Whistle Kite: one to hold the string, one to give the order, others to pull the kite… What a family in unison! Now, the craftsmanship of Shazhou Whistle Kite has been included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List of Jiangsu Province. 

Work of Shazhou Whistle Kite

This time, Feng Taigen, the representative inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Suzhou, together with teacher Cheng Peikang and Ni Henian, will give us a lecture in terms of the kite origins, characteristics and the craft process. In addition to viewing the exquisite kites made by these masters, you will also join them in the crafting of a 'Hexagon' Shazhou Whistle Kite and fully experience the fascination of Suzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Feng Taigen (photo cr: Zhu Yun)

Restoration Intangible Cultural Heritage Experiential Studio

Shazhou Whistle Kite Experience Activity


April 11 (next Saturday) 14:00 - 16:00


iSuzhou Coffee Shop, Humble Administrator's Garden (No.243 Dongbei Road, Gusu Districit, Suzhou, close to Suzhou Museum)

Transport: Take Metro Line 4 to Beisita(北寺塔) Station and then take the No.4 Northeast exit; walk to the opposite of Suzhou Museum


168 RMB per group (2-3 members for each group), including a Shazhou Whistle Kite co-crafted by the group


4 groups in total (2-3 members for each group)

Tips: Put on face masks and cooperate with the verification of Suzhou Health Code and body temperature test.

Numbers are limited. 

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