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How to brew Bi-Luo-Chun tea

  • From Saturday, 20 June 2020 15:00:00 to Saturday, 20 June 2020 16:00:00
  • Suzhou ICH Shop

Event Details

Restoration Intangible Cultural Heritage Experiential Studio is going to host an event this Saturday (June 20) to experience Suzhou’s Bi-Luo-Chun tea (碧螺春). There will also be some gifts for the participants.


Grown in the Dongtingshan area (洞庭山地区,which is made up of two parts: Dongting Dongshan Island and Dongting Xishan Island) by the Taihu Lake (太湖) in southwest Suzhou, Bi-Luo-Chun (碧螺春, also known as Pi Lo Chun) was designated as the imperial tribute tea since the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618- 907). Now it is among China’s top 10 famous tea and has been included into two national heritage lists.


After the tea-making technique of Dongtingshan Bi-Luo-Chun was included into the National ICH List in 2011, the “Suzhou Wuzhong Bi-Luo-Chun Tea-Orchard Compound System” made its way into the China Important Agricultural Heritage List this year.


Zhou Yongming, Suzhou’s city-level representative inheritor of Bi-Luo-Chun’s making technique, will be invited to introduce the tea’s history, culture, origin, frying skill, as well as how to brew it. Besides, there will be question-and-answer sessions and those giving correct answers will get a gift.


In addition, the “One-week Shopkeeper” will live stream the event via short-video platform Douyin (抖音) simultaneously. The Bi-Luo-Chun products are now on a one-week display and sale (until this Sunday) at the Suzhou ICH Shop (非一般的甄选铺). You won’t miss it!


Restoration Intangible Cultural Heritage Experiential Studio

Event| How to brew Bi-Luo-Chun tea



Date | 時間

3p.m. to 4p.m., June 20 (Saturday)

2020年6月20日(土曜日) 15:00-16:00

Venue | 場所

Suzhou ICH Shop (No. 231 Dongbei Street, Gusu District, Suzhou)

Take Rail Transit Line 4 to Beisita(北寺塔) Station, come out from No.4 Northeast Exit, and then walk to the Suzhou Tourism Information Center(苏州旅游咨询中心).



Price | 参加費

RMB30 yuan/person (with designated drink and a gift including cup + tea)

30元/人 (指定ドリンクとプレゼント(カップ+お茶)付き)

Participants | 募集対象

The event is recruiting 15 Chinese and expat participants.


Tips: Put on your face mask, cooperate with body temperature check and the verification of Suzhou Health Code. Join us with proper self-protective measures!



Seats are limited.

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