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Huocun Village Inkstone

  • From Saturday, 18 July 2020 15:00:00 to Saturday, 18 July 2020 16:00:00
  • Suzhou ICH Shop

Event Details

Restoration Intangible Cultural Heritage Experiential Studio is going to organize an event at Suzhou ICH Shop this Saturday (July 18) to introduce the making technique of Huocun Village Inkstone (?村砚).

According to historical records, the making technique of Huocun Village Inkstone originated during the Three Kingdoms period (A.D. 220-280). The earliest inkstones were made in the Huocun Village that was located in the east of Cangshu Town in Wuzhong area, thus its name Huocun Village Inkstone. The inkstone is made of Chengni shale, a type of stone unique to the Linyan Mountain by the Taihu Lake. The carving skills of Huocun Village Inkstone are exquisite and highly characterized by a Suzhou style.  

Xu Peigen (徐佩根), national-level senior industrial artist and also the representative inheritor of the Huocun Village Inkstone Making Technique in Wuzhong District, will be invited to the event this week to introduce the history and culture of the inkstone and instruct the participants how to make an inkstone. Based on personal preference and art knowledge, every participant can make a one-of-a-kind inkstone by himself/ herself.

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Besides, the Huocun Village Inkstone products are now on a one-week display and sale at the Suzhou ICH Shop. Welcome to the shop!

Those who can’t make it to the event can watch it live streamed on Douyin (抖音) and feel the charm of Huocun Village Inkstone via internet.

Restoration Intangible Cultural Heritage Experiential Studio

An experience with Huocun Village Inkstone

Date: 3pm to 4pm, July 18 (Saturday)

Venue: Suzhou ICH Shop (No. 231 Dongbei Street, Gusu District, Suzhou)

Take Rail Transit Line 4 to Beisita(北寺塔) Station, come out from No.4 Northeast Exit, and then walk to the Suzhou Tourism Information Center(苏州旅游咨询中心).

Price: RMB 30 yuan/person (including a self-made inkstone).

Participants: The event is recruiting 15 Chinese and expat participants.

Notice: Please take a pencil, pen or writing brush with you to design your own pattern on the stone.

Tips: Put on your face mask, cooperate with body temperature check and the verification of Suzhou Health Code. Join us with proper self-protective measures!

Seats are limited.

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