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Beautiful Suzhou ? Garbage Sorting in the Community

  • From Saturday, 26 September 2020 14:00:00 to Saturday, 26 September 2020 16:00:00
  • Suzhou Industrial Park Volunteers Association

Event Details

The Regulations of Garbage Sorting in Suzhou City Proper came into force on June 1. Currently Suzhou is stepping up its efforts to promote the garbage sorting system. Have you become an expert on garbage sorting? Join us at our event of garbage sorting this Saturday!

 Initiated by Suzhou Foreign Affairs Office, Suzhou People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and iSuzhou Service Platform for Foreigners in Suzhou, the Beautiful Suzhou ? Garbage Sorting in the Community event will be undertaken by SIP Huxi (West Jinji Lake) Social Work Committee and Allure of Suzhou Studio.
Malaysian friend Monica from Shuixiang Residential Community, SIP, will host a lecture on garbage sorting during the event.
Monica has been keen on participating in events for public good, including volunteering in children’s funds and social welfare institutions, since she came to Suzhou with her husband ten years ago. After the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, Monica well did her part by introducing anti-pandemic measures and communicating home-based quarantine requirements to foreign residents in the community.

 As the garbage sorting initiative moves forward in the city, Monica keeps serving as the bridge between the community and foreign residents as well. To help residents know the exact location of each garbage collecting sites, Monica specially photographed the sites to elaborate the route that leads to the sites.
This Saturday (September 26), Monica will mainly focus on the standard of garbage sorting in the city and share some tips for classifying and throwing different kinds of garbage, with food waste and hazardous waste in particular.
Following the lecture, the Restoration Intangible Cultural Heritage Studio, jointly set up by iSuzhou and Suzhou Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage Office, will host an event to bring the guests closer to local sericulture. In addition, participants will learn to make a brooch out of silkworm cocoons.

 The event will also be the first of a series to be held in residential communities. The studio will go into other communities, colleges, universities and companies later so that more foreigners can feel the charm of local intangible cultural heritages at zero distance.
“Beautiful Suzhou ? Garbage Sorting in the Community”
– A Lecture on Garbage Sorting for Foreign Nationals in Suzhou
Time: 2pm- 4pm, September 26, 2020 (entry begins at 1:30pm)
Location: Suzhou Industrial Park Volunteers Association, West of First Floor, Guojian Mansion, No. 98 Suhui Road (苏惠路98号国检大厦一楼西苏州工业园区志愿者协会)
We’re recruiting 30 foreigners living in Suzhou and the event is free of charge.
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