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Suzhou embroidery, TCM and Suzhou-style pastries

  • From Thursday, 01 October 2020 08:30:00 to Saturday, 03 October 2020 20:30:00
  • Suzhou ICH Shop

Event Details

Today (Sept. 28), Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute (苏州刺绣研究所), Li Liang Ji (李良济) and Ren Chang Shun (仁昌顺) moved into Suzhou ICH Shop together, ushering in the special holiday event for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. Now the ICH shop is stocked with Suzhou embroidery, traditional Chinese medicine, Suzhou-style pastries and other ICH products.
As early as 2,500 years ago, people in the State of Wu began to use embroidery to embellish their clothes. Now the needlework of Suzhou Embroidery has evolved into more than 40 kinds from 9 categories. With beautiful patterns and elegant colors, Suzhou embroidery is particularly famous for its double-sided embroidery and double-sided embroidery with different colors, patterns and needlework. Known as one of the Top Four Famous Chinese Embroidery, Suzhou Embroidery was included into the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2006.
Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute is the only national-level protection unit for Suzhou Embroidery in China, and its products were given to the heads of other states as national presents on many occasions.

The institute has brought a variety of selected Suzhou embroidery products to the ICH shop this time, including Double Cranes and The Pine, which shows two white cranes standing on the branch of a pine. “Crane”, as the embodiment of longevity, is one of the traditional patterns that can be seen in Suzhou embroidery works.
Li Liang Ji, founded in 1914, is a comprehensive enterprise that integrating the production of herbal pieces, processing services of traditional Chinese medicine, diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, health and wellness and industrial tourism. In 2013, Li Liang Ji traditional Chinese medicinal paste technique was included in the sixth batch of Suzhou Intangible Heritage List.

Revolving around “moistening the lung and clearing the throat in autumn”, Li Liang Ji has brought loquat and pear syrup, Luo Han Guo and lily flower tea, fresh stewed bird’s nest, etc. Among others, the bird’s nest, featuring zero fat and additive, is the most popular product and particularly good for women’s beauty care.
Ren Chang Shun, founded in the middle of Qing Dynasty (A.D. 1636-1912), is a century-old brand in Suzhou, which integrates the skills of three groups (Huibang (Anhui Province), Jingbang (Beijing) and Subang (Suzhou)). In 2014, Ren Chang Shun Suzhou-style pastry making technique was included in the Sixth Batch of representative intangible cultural heritage list of Wujiang District.

Ren Chang Shun has brought a variety of classic foods such as sesame cake, mung bean cake, Ding Sheng Gao (silver ingot-shaped cake), Wa Di Su (sole-shaped shortbread), and smoked bean tea made out of dried radish, orange skin, white sesame, green tea leaves, etc.
In addition, traditional Suzhou-style mooncakes and vegetable mooncakes, a specialty of Zhenze Ancient Town, will be available in the shop on the day of Mid-Autumn Festival (this Thursday).
Suzhou ICH Shop is currently selling the products at a big discount. Welcome to shop! Besides, the Restoration Intangible Cultural Heritages Studio will host various events in the ICH shop on Oct. 1, 2, and 3, when the participants will be able to try Suzhou-style pastries and TCM drinks, learn to DIY TCM sachets and watch Suzhou embroidery shows, etc. If you can’t make it to the shop, you can watch the live streaming on douyin (抖音) as well (search for the account “非一般的掌柜”).
Event List 
Oct. 1: Free samples of Suzhou-style pastries
Oct. 2: Free samples of TCM drinks; TCM sachet DIY event
Oct. 3: Suzhou Embroidery technique demonstration
Location: No.231 Dongbei Road (东北街231号)


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