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I will fly to shanghai pudong/ hongqiao airport, and suzhou is my destination. Can I leave the airport freely? Will I be sent to huaqiao international expo center in kunshan? Do I need to be isolated?

Officers at the Shanghai Pudong/ Hongqiao airport will stick a label in yellow or green color on each traveler's passport or ID based on the investigation and declaration information. 

Green label indicates that the traveler doesn't have a fever or other suspected coronavirus symptoms and is not from key epidemic countries or regions (Currently are South Korea, Italy, Iran, Japan, France, Spain, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria). According to the regulations of Jiangsu Province, travelers with a green label can leave Shanghai by designated or personal vehicles after registering personal information. Pick-up person and driver should also register their information. After arrival at destination, travelers should take a 14-day home-based quarantine.

Those with yellow labels please follow the guide of the staff and take a vehicle designated by them to Huaqiao International Expo Center in Kunshan. The local government will arrange vehicles to take travelers to their destination. After arriving at your destination, please strictly abide by the regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and cooperate with government workers in medical observation and quarantine.

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