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How could foreigner register the Suzhou Health Code for their children?

For the elderly and kids who are not eligible for applying, please contact the nearest EEA office of the public security department for help.
List of Suzhou Local EEA Offices:

Suzhou City: 0512-68661471

Gusu District: 0512-65110655

Wuzhong District: 0512-68799730

Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP): 0512-66601111

Xiangcheng District: 0512-67591060

Suzhou New District (SND)/Huqiu District: 0512-68251424

Changshu: 0512-52829660

Zhangjiagang: 0512-58673201

Kunshan: 0512-57385868

Wujiang: 0512-63982317

Taicang: 0512-53890512

In addition, "Suzhou Health Code for Overseas Personnel" will soon provide a new service, which enables holders of "Green Suzhou Health Code" to apply for the health code on behalf of their family members.

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