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Have the tourist attractions in suzhou already opened? where can I get the tickets?

According to the Notice of Suzhou Municipal Administration Bureau of Gardens and Landscaping, Suzhou Park, Guihua Park, Dongyuan, Fengqiao Scenic Area, the Former residence of Yu Jue, Tongjing Park, Tiger Hill Scenic Area, the Lingering Garden, the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Lion Forest Garden, the Garden of Couple’s Retreat, the Master-of-Nets Garden, the Canglang Pavilion, Keyuan Garden, Tianping Mountain Scenic Area, Suzhou Shangfangshan National Forest Park, Yiyuan Garden, Yipu Garden, Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty, Five Peaks Garden and Shangfangshan Forest Animal World were reopened in an orderly manner. Business hours of all parks, gardens and scenic areas are adjusted as 9:00-16:00.

All visitors should use online real-name system to make appointments and buy tickets, including e-tickets by scanning QR code (once you get your ticket, your appointment will be done at the same time). Visitors can make appointments or buy tickets 7 days in advance with valid ID or other valid documents. Visitors can use these platforms for appointments:苏州园林旅游网), 

zhiyousuzhou(official WeChat account), (携程), (同程).

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