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What is the annual iit settlement for comprehensive income?

According to relevant regulations, comprehensive income received by resident individuals includes income from wages and salaries, remunerations for independent personal services, author’s remunerations and royalties. When resident individuals receive any type of income mentioned above, the IIT shall be withheld respectively. After the end of the tax year, the resident individuals shall calculate the annual taxable IIT on a consolidated basis. The amount of taxable income shall be the total amount of income received in each year minus expenses of 60,000 Chinese Yuan, itemized deductions, additional itemized deductions, and other deductions permitted by law. The amount of taxable income multiplied by applicable progressive tax rates is the amount of tax payable. The balance of tax payable minus tax withheld is tax owed or refundable. The resident individuals should file annual IIT returns to pay tax owed or claim refunds.

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