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Tips for traveling during upcoming new year’s day holiday

1. Expressways will not go toll-free for compact passenger cars. According to relevant regulations, the New Year’s Day holiday is excluded from the toll-free period for compact passenger cars. Therefore, compact passenger cars will still need to pay the toll to get onto expressways during the holiday. 

2. Reduce unnecessary outings; the elderly, patients with chronic diseases and pregnant women are advised against traveling during the holiday. Avoid traveling to medium-risk and high-risk areas.

3. Keep your face mask on if you travel by plane or train; pay serious attention to hand hygiene, eat as less as possible when traveling by public transport, and get all the tickets and receipts ready for future inspection; keep an eye on your physical condition.

4. Reduce gatherings during the holiday. The number of participants must be strictly controlled when events involving large crowds are organized, and a complete epidemic prevention and control plan should be formulated if the event involves more than 50 persons. The number of people participating in family gatherings should preferably be kept under ten. Ventilate your house routinely.

5. Put on your face mask at enclosed or ill-ventilated places; keep good hygiene habits such as washing hands often, using serving chopsticks, eating individual dishes and covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.

6. Please seek medical treatment immediately if you have such symptoms as cough and fever.

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