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Any activities on new year’s eve?

Up to 12 activities, 60 theme promotional events and 60 sale sessions, covering new retail, entertainment, catering, vehicle, digital information and culture, will kick off in Suzhou at midnight on New Year’s Eve.
December 31, 2020 to January 1, 2021
Suzhou Center
Suzhou Center will stay open for 36 hours during the New Year’s Day holiday; there will also be special offers and discounted products.
Wujiang Fenghuanghui Mall
Wujiang Fenghuanghui Mall and Meituan will jointly initiate the “online coupon + offline consumption” event; there will be a singing contest as well.
SND Golden Eagle International Shopping Center
New Year’s Eve activities and performances will be put on.
Suzhou Huayi Brothers Movie World
There will be fireworks shows, band and dance performances and celebrations in the Tang-dynasty building complexes.
Suzhou People’s Mall
Special activities will take place to ring in the New Year.
Shilu Tianhong CC Mall
Golden egg luck, balloon rain and electronic fireworks show will go on to spend New Year’s Eve with you. 
Suzhou Matro Mall
Suzhou Tower Mall
Suzhou No.1 Department Store
Wuzhong Wanda Plaza
There will be a wide variety of promotional activities and prize draws.
Taicang Wanda Plaza
After various lucky prizes, do the New Year countdown against the backdrop of artificial snowscape.
Kunshan Qiandeng Yanfu Temple
New Year’s prayers, discounted tickets and cultural creative products will be available.
Luoxingzhou, Tongli, Wujiang District
Band performance, New Year’s tour, live stream, etc. will be presented on the stage of Evening Drum and Morning Bell. 
In addition,Panmen Scenic Spot will host a series of activities known as “Lighting up Suzhou Time-honored Food Brands”from January 1 to 3, 2021; you can stroll around the Suzhou-style New Year’s Merchandise Street and time-honored markets, taste Suzhou-style snacks and traditional foods, buy some intangible cultural heritage products or grab some coffee at the Canglang Coffee Festival. The foreign fans of “Go Jiangsu” will participate in the events as well.
Suzhou will also organize offline promotions and online live commerce via various online platforms to introduce “Made in Suzhou” to the country and the world; tourists and residents will be able to feel the beauty of the city and its culture.
Please take proper self-protection measures while enjoying your happy New Year’s Eve. Stay safe and have fun!

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