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Details about the*2021 · xiangcheng district, suzhou, china design* *oasis · qingtai sino-japanese industrial design culture village* international competition for conceptual design

Qingtai Village, Huangqiao Sub-district, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Located in the Sino-Japanese (Suzhou) Development Cooperation Demonstration Zone in Suzhou, the Project aims to echo the overall goal of accelerating the pace of urban renewal and making Suzhou a “City with Cultural Power”. Upon its successful completion, the Project will contribute to the overall development of cultural tourism construction in Xiangcheng District and even Suzhou City.

The Project, enjoying extremely unique environmental resources, is in proximity to a large wetland park, and just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle, which features the artistic conception and commercial value of “urban retreat”. Based on the actual situation and in line with the vision of “building a land of idyllic beauty by Sino-Japanese design in bustling Suzhou with a history of 3,000 years”, the Project focuses on the regional development strategy, promotes the construction of cultural industry and builds a platform for Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges under the guidance of “industry + culture, technology + art”. The Project will pool the wisdom of the whole world to build Qingtai Village into an intellectual service industry block with waterfront courtyard, a street-style trade exhibition area with Sino-Japanese characteristics, a creative camp for young artists, a fashionable block leading the nighttime economy with cultural travel experience, and a multi-functional urban cultural gathering area, thus becoming a new landmark of tourism culture and industry in the north of Suzhou.
The Project will solicit conceptual design proposals through international competition, in order to build a commercial complex with design as its core and integrating unique business, tourism, culture and industry.

This Competition includes: 1) Conceptual Planning; 2) Characteristic Single Building; 3) Landscape Design:

①Conceptual Planning and Design:

According to the overall planning requirements of Phase I and Phase II, nearly 500 mu of old mixed residential and industrial areas will be reconstructed and renovated. It is necessary to expand the concept of urban renewal in the new era, study the symbiotic relationship between the nature and the city, and propose the commercial space model of “New Watertown in Yangtze River Delta”. The Project plans to study the overall spatial layout from the planning level, implement the spatial guidance, build new scenes of urban life, and put forward the implementation strategy.
The implementation strategy includes the preservation and reconstruction of original buildings, the embodiment of creative highlights, the unified way of the overall style and features, etc.
②Characteristic Individual Building: New characteristic single buildings that may be involved in key areas of this scheme (in Phase I demonstration zone) include:
Urban reception room, underwater museum, entrance building, covered bridge at key traffic nodes, water stage, waterfront leisure building, landmark commercial building and characteristic boutique hotel.
The reconstructed characteristic buildings involved in this scheme (in Phase II demonstration zone) include: transformation design of industrial workshop.
③ Landscape Design:

Including but not limited to: overall landscape transformation strategy, waterfront landscape design, street linear landscape, outdoor square design at important nodes, intentional design of urban public art, etc.

Note: For more technical information and Q&A, please refer to the survey Q&A section in the competition schedule.

One first prize, with a bonus of RMB 2.4 million (tax included)

One second prize, with a bonus of RMB 1.2 million (tax included)

Four excellence awards
finalists who have submitted the qualified deliverables but failed to win the first or second prize, or voluntary participants of excellent schemes will receive design compensation of RMB 600,000 (tax included), respectively

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