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Where to pick local strawberries?

Many strawberry farms in Suzhou allow visitors to step in and pick strawberries by themselves. You can drive to the following places in Suzhou and ask if you can go picking when you see the strawberry peddlers or farms nearby.

Dongshan Town (东山镇) and JintingTown (金庭镇) in Wuzhong District, Bacheng Town (巴城镇) in Kunshan City,Tong’an Town (通安镇) in SND, Yangcheng Lake Resort (阳澄湖度假区) in Xiangcheng District, etc.

Most strawberries available in the market are priced at around RMB25 yuan/500 grams; if you pick the strawberries by yourself, the price is about RMB35 yuan/500 grams.

Strawberries bruise and drop easily, so please be careful with your feet when you walk among them.

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