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hi,do you have some recommendable routes for enjoy the canal in suzhou?

Suzhou is not only “a city of classical gardens”, but also “a city of canal”. There are four routes which may help you know more about the canal in Suzhou.

1.Wangting Canal Park(望亭运河公园)– Xushuguan(浒墅关)– Fengqiao Scenic Spot(枫桥景区)– Hanshan Temple Scenic Spot(寒山寺景区)

2.Panmen Gate(盘门)– Shihu Scenic Spot(石湖景区)– Luoshi Restaurant(螺狮饭店)– Baodai Bridge(宝带桥)– Wuzhong District Museum(吴中博物馆)

3.Hengtang Ancient Courier Station(横塘驿站)– Suzhou No. 2 Library(苏州第二图书馆)– Suzhou Museum of Imperial Kiln Brick(御窑金砖博物馆)

4.Pingjiang Ancient Alley(平江古巷)—Tiger Hill Pagoda(虎丘塔)—Pingwang Ancient Town(平望古镇)

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