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would you please give us more details about jinji lake half marathon?

A grand sporting event -- the 11th Suzhou Jinji Lake Half Marathon 2021 is scheduled to take place by the scenic Jinji Lake in Suzhou next Sunday (April 18). Runners and spectators can read the following guide to get prepared.


7:30am, April 18


This year’s race will kick off one hour earlier than previous years. Please mark your calendars in case you might miss the starting time.


Half Marathon

21.0975 kilometers

Mini Marathon

about 4.5 kilometers

Up to 20,000 runners will compete in the race.


The starting line is located at the Moon Harbor, Wenbo Plaza, SIP (工业园区文博广场月光码头). Runners will run around Jinji Lake, a national 5A-level scenic spot, and pass Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre (苏州文化艺术中心), Suzhou International Expo Centre (苏州国际博览中心), Jinji Lake CBD, Ligongdi (李公堤), Gate of the Orient (东方之门), Suzhou Center (苏州中心) and many other landmarks.

Running Suit and Medal

This year’s running suit features simple but smooth letters and contours and highlights the theme of Jinji Lake Half Marathon over the years: Run for Love. 

With the “ancient Suzhou seven-masted schooner” as its blueprint, the medal of this year has Suzhou’s major landmarks patterned on it and is theperfect combination of the city’s modern side with its quaint one.

Traffic Control

The roads occupied by the event will be closed and vehicles will be banned from going along these roads: Xiandai Avenue (the section between Xing’gang Street and Xinghu Street), Xinghu Street (the section between Xiandai Avenue and Songjiang Road), Jinji Lake Avenue (the section between Songjiang Road and Xingbo Street), Xing’gang Street (the section between Suhui Road and Xiandai Avenue). 

Roads to be fully closed (no entry): Guanfeng Street, Wangdun Road (the section to the west of Xinghu Street), Huachi Street (the section to the south of Xiandai Avenue), Suzhou Avenue East (the section to the west of Xinghu Street), Yuelang Street, Yuying Road, Youan Street, Sian Street, Zhongyuan Road (the section to the west of Xinghu Street), Jinrong Street, Fengrong Street, Xizhou Road (the section to the west of Xinghu Street), Rongan Street, Songjiang Road (the section between Xinghu Street and Jinji Lake Avenue), Siji Road, Ligongdi Commercial Street, Xingzhou Road (the section to the north of Jinji Lake Avenue).


Parking is prohibited on the roads to be occupied by the event, including roadside parking spaces.

All the event roads will be closed at regular intervals and reopened to traffic section by section starting at 5:30am, April 18. The section before the intersection of Xinhu Street and Jinji Lake Avenue will be reopened to traffic at9:30am, April 18; the section before the intersection of Jinji Lake Avenue and Siji Road will be reopened at 10am. The event will end at 11:15am and traffic control measures will be lifted by then.

To serve the needs of event preparations: Shuige Road will be closed at 12am, April 17 and reopened to traffic at 1pm, April 18. Suzhou Avenue East(the section between Yuelang Street and Xiandai Avenue, 月廊街至现代大道段) and Guanfeng Street (观枫街) will be closed starting 10pm, April 17 and reopened to traffic at 1pm, April 18.


From 12am to 5pm on April 18, unauthorized personnel are not allowed to use UAVs or fly kites at the starting/finishing area or along the running route for the sake of event safety. 

Public Transport

The timetable of Suzhou Rail Transit Line 1 will be adjusted specially for the event. On April 18, the first train bound for Zhongnanjie Station will depart at 5:06am (normally at 5:40am) from Mudu Station; the first train bound for Mudu Station will depart at 5:35am (normally at 6am) from Zhongnanjie Station. The first train of the day will arrive at Wenhuabolanzhongxin Station (文化博览中心站, where the starting and finishing lines are located) at around 5:45am.

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