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there are new confirmed covid-19 cases reported in china recently, is there anything we should pay atttention to when we travel across china?

For those who are coming or returning to Suzhou from domestic medium-risk and high-risk areas and those who have had close contact with infected or asymptomatic patients, they shall receive a 14-day quarantine at designated places and undergo an additional 7-day home-based observation afterwards, during which they should take nucleic acid tests as per requirements.

 Those who are coming or returning to Suzhou from low-risk areas in the cities (or districts of provincial-level municipalities) with medium-risk and high-risk areas shall report to local residential communities and submit negative nucleic acid test results issued within the past seven days. For those who fail to submit negative nucleic acid test results as required, they will be transferred to sampling sites to take tests and wait at designated places until the test results come out. They will be allowed to travel freely within Suzhou only if they are tested negative for COVID-19.

Citizens should also keep the masks on when entering crowded places including passenger stations, agricultural markets and supermarkets or taking public transport and taxi.

As of 9pm, May 14, there were 12 medium-risk areas across the Chinese mainland(concerning Lu’an City and Hefei City, Anhui Province, and Yingkou City, Liaoning Province):

Lu’an City, Anhui Province (two): Zhedong Shangmaocheng, Jin’an District,

Baichuanmingting Residential Area, Yu’an District;

Hefei City, Anhui Province (one): Jinyun International Commercial Residential Building, Weixing Community, Shangpai Town, Feixi County;

Yingkou City, Liaoning Province (nine): Yangdian Village, Chentun Town, Gaizhou City,Yicheng Community, Heping Community, Zhanqian Community, Beiguan Community, Xingfu Community, Shengli Village, Lihua Village and Liming Village, Xiongyue Town, Bayuquan District.


All countries and regions outside the Chinese mainland (except Macao) remained high-risk areas.

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