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can i use alipay or wechat to buy railway tickets at suzhou station?

Hi, it is avaiable to buy tickets by scanning the QR code on some of the ticket vending machines at nine SRT stations from June 12th, and Suzhou station is one of them. Check the nine stations below.

SRT Line 1

Mudu Station (木渎站), Shizishan Station (狮子山站)

SRT Line 2

Shantangjie Station (山塘街站), Suzhou Railway Station (苏州火车站), Shihu Donglu Station (石湖东路站), Songtaojie Station (松涛街站)

SRT Line 3

Dongfangzhimen Station (东方之门站), Suzhou Xinqu Railway Station (新区火车站), Suzhou Yuanqu Railway Station (园区火车站)

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