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question:(us-based suzhou citizen)male:from suzhou, china, with us green card, us-basedfemale: canadianthey will register of marriage in las vegas, us.1. is their marriage legal in china?2. if not, what files should they prepare and what registration process would they go through in china?

Answer: (Civil Affairs Bureau)

The marriage you claimed in your question can be legal in China when it meets these preconditionsthe marriage certificate people got in a foreign country must be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate in that certain country. Also, the authentication should be translated into Chinese by certificated translation company (a copy of the business license with seal must be attached). You can bring these materials to change the marital status on your Household Register after you come back to China. For further questions please call the Social Affairs Office of Suzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, and the number is 82280274.

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