hello, i love suzhou gardens but haven*t visited all of them yet. i*m planning to explore the shizilin garden, is it fun?

you can go to the shizilin (Lion Grove Garden) in winter when the wintersweet starts to flower. It will be fun!

2021-11-30 17:37

we are looking for some places for hot spirng getaways. do you have any articles about the topic, any recommnedations will help, thank you.

hello darnell, you can try the hot spring resorts near the Dayang Mountain (大阳山). Have fun!

2021-11-29 17:32

hello, do you know when the metro line s1 will go into operation? it will be much easier to travel from sip to shanghai.

Suzhou Rail Transit Line S1 will be put into operation on a trial basis in June, 2024. 

2021-11-26 17:29

is there any service available for bus line check?

hi bella, you can download navigation apps such as google maps and tencent maps. 

2021-11-25 17:26

hello,is it now mandatory for all riders, bike or e-bikes, to wear helmet?

Yes, road safety is the everyone's responsibility. Be sure to put on helmets before you ride.

2021-11-24 17:13