i am coming to suzhou next monday. is there any place i can buy some pastry? i*m a big fan of sweet food.

There are many pastry shops on Guanqian Street, such as Tao Xiang Cun, Huang Tian Yuan, Cai Zhi Zhai, etc., where you can find a v...

2021-10-30 22:38

i notice that there is a costco store under construction in snd. when will it open to the public?

Hi helena, the costco project has seen major progress since it kicked off. It will open late this year. Please saty tuned!

2021-9-08 09:59

hello, i come from australia and live in suzhou now.could you please give me some guidelines for applying for jiangsu social security card for the first time?

Expatriates can take their passport or Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card to branches of designated banks...

2021-5-21 17:01



2021-3-03 16:10