what is the schedule of suzhou bay yuehutai musical fountain show?

Suzhou bay yuehutai musical fountain show will be presented each Friday and Staturday of July and August from 7:30pm to 8pm,...

2021-7-13 17:19



2021-7-13 16:55

hello, i heard that there will be lots of events held on may 18th as it is the international museum day. could you tell me some information about it?

Hello,Museums across Suzhou are planning creative events and activities to celebrate the International museum day.And for more det...

2021-5-17 17:22

i am very interested in space and the universe,and i heard that space day of china 2021 will be hosted in suzhou. what kind of events there are and where can i - in?

Suzhou No.2 Workers’ Cultural Palace will host Space Day of China 2021: Science Popularization Week tour from May 20 to 24. ...

2021-5-20 17:17



2021-4-30 13:47