hello, i want to improve my chinese, especially spoken chinese. do you have any recommendations for language institutions? thank you.

You can try the school of overseas education of soochow university. The school provides both long-term and short-term Chines...

2021-11-17 09:55

ni hao, i*m studying chinese at soochow university. i*m very interested in the intangible cultural heritages. they are very interesting. is there any place that i can experience or learn some of the technique? xiexie

There are exhbitions and experience sessions at Suzhou ICH Shop (No. 231 Dongbei Street, Gusu District, Suzhou). You can also...

2021-9-21 14:28

hi, i am an international student in soochow university. when will the new campus start operation?

Hi Javis, you are probably talking about the Future Campus. This article may include the information that interests you...

2021-9-13 10:08



2021-7-13 17:09

when will future campus of soochow university be put into use?

Future Campus of Soochow University 
2021-7-13 17:07